Smoked Salmon Bites

Smoked Salmon Bites
Easy Christmas Appetizer Recipe

Try this smoked salmon bites for your christmas appetizers. Impress your family and friends. This easy salmon recipe can be prepared just in 20mn.

It is very simple to prepare and takes very little effort. All you need is the ingredients and voila you have a delicious easy Christmas appetizer ready to be served.

No cooking required, hassle free and will leave you time to devote your attention to other Christmas preparations.

Smoked Salmon recipes form a part of the traditional Christmas menus and it is very common to see smoked salmon served either as appetizers or even as a main course.

Salmon Bites

6 Servings – Preparation: 20 mn


9 pieces of big pancakes

6 slices of smoked Salmon

200g of cheese spread

1 lemon


Spread half of the cheese over 6 pancakes

Cut the lemon into half and rub the lemon on the smoked salmon to give it a flavour

Now place the salmon slices on top of the cheese spread.

Cover the smoked salmon with the rest of the cheese spread.

Stack 2 pancakes together and place a non garnished pancake on top of them.

You should have in total 3 sandwiches

Cover them with clingfilm and keep them in the fridge for 3h

Cut them in reasonable sized cubes as soon as they are taken out of the fridge.

Place a toothpick on each one of these cubes.

Leave them at room temperature for at least 30 mn before serving.