How To Scale Fish – Tools And Methods

How To Scale Fish At Home

 Tools And Methods For Preparing Fish

On this page I will explain how to scale fish. This is step 1 process of how to clean fish. If you would like a refresher on the previous topics, then you can read the following here below:

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Step 1 : How To Scale Fish

Now for this step you need a small knife. You would still need a generously big knife. As you can see in this photo here, the knife’s total length is about 25 cm (about 11 ½ inch). Why?

This is to protect you from getting hurt by the fins while scaling the fish. A small knife can also do the trick; you just have to be careful.

Place the fish flat on a chopping board with the back of the fish facing you.

Now place the knife at the tail of the fish, holding it slightly inclined towards the outside of the tail.

As this a big fish, place your other hand around the middle or closer towards the tail of the fish.

The idea is to hold the fish firmly with your other hand while scaling it.

The scaling movement always occurs starting from the fish tail and working towards the fish head.

I am sure you will find in some places they tell you to hold the tail and scale a fish but trust me it is more difficult than the process I am showing you.

Take small gradual upward movement i.e. moving towards the head. Clean around the fins, the belly and the back of the fish. Take particular attention not to hurt yourself when you are scaling the back of the fish.

Note: Some fish can have very sharp and pointy needles on the back. Some of these fish can also have poison on them. Don’t worry, you won’t die but you surely will feel a stinging pain for the rest of the day.”

When you have completed one side, wash the fish on running water to remove the loose scales from the body.

Now turn the fish around. This time the belly of the fish will be facing you. Follow the same gradual upward movement towards the head of the fish.

You might find it a bit harder to accomplish this side but I am sure you will manage well. Just take baby steps.

Well, now it is time to get on to the most interesting step 2 – “How To Gut Fish”. Are you ready for it then click on the link and follow the steps.


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