How To Cut Fish – Tools And Methods

How To Cut Fish At Home

Tools And Methods For Preparing Fish

On this page I will explain how to cut fish. This is step 3 process of how to clean fish. If you would like a refresher on the previous topics, then you can read the following here below:

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Step 3 : How To Cut Fish

In this example, the salmon fish is quite big; I bought a bigger fish because, I want to cut them in small pieces, divide them into 4 parts and conserve them in the freezer.

First, I cut the abdomen portion of the salmon fish with the scissors. These two pieces will serve as salmon fillets.

Secondly, the rest of the salmon was used to cut out small pieces of salmon steak. Once the abdomen meat (fillet portion) out of the way it is easier to place the salmon on its belly on the chopping board.

Now we will use the bigger knife to cut salmon steaks. This knife is more of a butcher’s knife that I use for cutting fish and meat. It has a big handle and also a sharp big blade. Ensure that your knife is sharp; you will get a smooth cut.

Before you start cutting the fish, decide the size of each steak you want. Starting from the tail side do a small cut to identify and measure the size of your salmon steak slices.

Once, this is done start cutting the pieces from the tail end. You might find it difficult to cut through the bones of some fish. Use the hammer to help you get through the bones.

Gently tap on the back of the knife until it pierces the bone. Be gentle while tapping as you don’t want the flesh to come out of the skin.

The End…. This is how to cut fish, the objective is to get the maximum out of your fish pieces.


Well, there we go! Was that very difficult? I hope not.

What I would do next is divide them into pieces that you will require for each dinner you will prepare. Place them in plastic bags and place them in the freezer. You can find freezer bags in big super markets.

The process is same for any type of fish, so hope you will make best use of it.