How To Cook Fish – Various Ways To Cook Fish

How To Cook Fish At Home

 Cooking Instruction On Ways To Cook Fish


Today we will talk about how to cook fish at home. There are various ways to cook fish. Sometimes the most simple easy methods can give the best results.

Each culture has its own ways of cooking fish. The cooking instruction can vary depending on the cooking tools available in that country or depending on the traditions.

In the Indian culture in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan we like to half fry our fish first before adding other ingredients to make a curry dish.

Another technique is tandoori fish where the fish is baked in clay oven (also known as fish tikka). Have you tried it? It is difficult to accomplish at home but readily available in Indian restaurants (usually served as salmon tikka).


Bengali fish fry technique

A common method used in every Bengali household.

Wash the fish in running water and then dry the fish pieces in absorbing paper. Then place them in a bowl. Now add 1 tsp each of coriander & cumin powder, ½ tsp of curcuma powder and salt to your taste. Mix them well with the fish.

Now in a frying pan heat oil and fry them on both sides enough to give it a crispy feeling. Ensure that the oil is hot before placing the pieces into the frying pan.

We apply this method because most of over Bengali fish recipes contain sauces and the half fried fish gives a special taste when it is completely cooked in sauce. You get that crispy feeling and the fish pieces stay firm when cooked in liquid sauces.

Tips: You can also add a few drops of lemon to give the fish a different flavor.


So How To Cook Fish – The Techniques

Fish cooked in Tin foil or Parchment paper

Tinfoil cooking is easy to prepare and ideal for preserving the flavor of each dish. A technique anyone can accomplish; which can bring you satisfaction worthy of a master chef. Especially when you will notice your guests opening up the tin foil and enjoying the wealth of flavors released from it.

The method:

If you are cooking a whole fish and would like to add some stuffing; then place it in the abdomen of the fish. Then seal them with a few tooth picks to prevent the stuffing from coming out while cooking.

Place the fish on an aluminum foil slightly oiled and close it.

Now bake the fish in the oven at 180˚ C for about 25 mn for a small fish. For a big fish about 35 to 40 mn.


Steam cooking

Steam cooking is a process of cooking in which the fish is not cooked by direct heat but by the steam produced by boiling liquid or broth.

There are two types of steam cookers in the market:

  • Western – a metal recipient
  • Oriental- Chinese bamboo

You can also find plastic ones but they are not healthy cooking recipients. It is best to use the metal recipient if you cannot find the oriental bamboo recipient.

The method:

To get best results to steam cook a fish, you can add some aromatics, herbs or lemon juice to the water. Bring it to a boiling point. In the middle base of the recipient place your fish, some herbs or aromatics. Place it over the base with the liquid. Cover it and let it cook.

  • 3 to 4 mn for fish fillets
  • 6 to 8 mn for whole fish up to 350 g
  • 12 to 15 mn for whole fish up to 900 g

Tips: You can also add some vegetables according to your taste. Vegetables may take more time to cook so ensure to take out the fish pieces when they are cooked.


Cooking In the grill

A grilled fish has its own authentic flavor. Grilling is done over hot flames. It can be either over gas flames or fire lit by charcoal.

The method:

Coat the grill first with some vegetable oil. With a brush coat also the fish pieces. Add some salt and pepper.

Place the fish on the hot grill and grill it until brown. Then turn the pieces to grill the other side.


Cooking a fish in a Frying Pan

The method:

Heat the same amount of butter and oil in a frying pan with a thick layer. This is a typical French style of frying a fish (butter and oil).

Add salt and pepper to the fish pieces and place them on the pan with their skin side cooked first. Use a spatule to turn the fish on the other side. Cook until the fish is golden brown.



This is a just a summary of various ways on how to cook fish. The cooking instruction will be repeated in different fish recipes where they will be applied. I hope you are getting the big picture. There is no limit on how to cook fish. You can also cook fish in microwave now-a-days.


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