How To Clean Fish – Tools And Methods

How To Clean Fish

Tools And Methods For Preparing Fish

Today I will explain how to clean fish on this page. In my last article, I discussed about the topic why clean a fish. I admit it can be a tedious work, very time consuming and something you may dislike totally.

I suppose you would rather prefer buying a fish already cleaned and prepared for you by a fish monger.

This is so true when you are under time constraint but on the other hand, you will fork out more money from your pocket.

Are you ready do get your hands dirty but enjoy a properly cleaned healthy fish at home.

In my previous post, I have also discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of preparing a fish at home. You may want to read the article here clean a fish

As in my case, honestly, I prefer doing the work myself. This saves me a lot of money and also I get immense satisfaction by cleaning and preparing the fish myself.

So are you ready to learn how to clean fish yourself at home; then read ahead.

Well if you are not ready then I would suggest going to your fish monger even though it will be more expensive.


“Tools to clean a fish”

  • A small knife to remove scales
  • A kitchen scissor for cutting and cleaning the fins and removing the guts
  • A big sharp knife to cut the fish in to small pieces
  • Kitchen hand gloves. If you don’t want to dirty your hands
  • A hammer (rubber or wooden). Some fish have hard bones and a hammer can come in very handy to chop through the bones while making pieces

To demonstrate how to clean fish, I have used a Salmon fish. It is a 45 cm long and weighs about 3.5 kg and it cost me 25€ (approximately 32$) which is around 9$/kg. If I were to buy fish fillet from a fish monger it would have cost me around 20$/kg.

I thought it would be better to take a big fish as an example as I am going to cut this Salmon fish into two different shapes and sizes (salmon fillets and salmon steaks).

My apologies for the photos demonstrated here. Neither I nor my wife is experts in photography. More the reason you will like it as you can see that we are amateurs. And if we can clean a fish then so can you. It really is not rocket science. Anyone can do it. All you need is the desire to do it.


Steps: How To Clean Fish

I have presented in a step by step process to make it easier for you to digest and also to go directly to the step you feel you need some refresher course.

Step 1. How To Scale Fish

Step 2. How To Gut Fish

Step 3. How To Cut Fish

I hope you will enjoy the step by step process on How to Clean a Fish.


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