Easy Lamb Recipe With Split Bengal Gram

Easy Lamb Recipe
Easy Lamb Recipe

This is an easy lamb recipe with split Bengal gram. The Lamb curry is cooked in a pressure cooker. Quite often we cook our meat recipes especially beef and lamb in a pressure cooker. It preserves all the vitamins and flavors and the meat is tender. Pressure cooker cooking is a healthy cooking option.

This recipe is very tasty and healthy because it’s a good source of protein and reduced quantity of fat. It’s not harmful even if we take much quantity. In Bangladesh, many people eat this curry.

Easy Lamb Recipe with split Bengal gram


Boneless lamb or beef 1 kg Split Bengal gram 300 gm. 2 chopped big onions 8 garlic cloves 1 tablespoon ginger 2 cardamoms 2 cloves 2 cinnamon sticks 2 bay leaves Coriander powder 3 tea spoons Cumin powder 3 tea spoons Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon Paprika powder 3 tea spoon Meat masala 2 tea spoon (Shan) or garam masala powder 2 tea spoon Potatoes 3 (optional)


Cut the lamb meat into small pieces. Wash them with cold water and then rinse them to drain the water away. Heat 3 table spoons oil in a pressure cooker. Then add whole cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and bay leaves. Roast them for a few seconds then add all other spices. Bhunao (fry) for 2 to 3 minutes and a little water to make a nice consistent paste. After that you add the meat or lamb and stir for some minutes. The meat will usually give out some water, when the liquid dries out, add the Bengal gram and stir for some minutes. Then add salt as per your taste. If you want you can add potatoes cut into halves or quarters but it’s not compulsory. Close the lid of the pressure cooker. When it’s finished garnish it with coriander leaves and serve it. Bengal gram can be cooked in many ways. We use it for preparing different kinds of snacks, as a lentil curry, as a vegetable curry dish, it’s even used to make sweet dish and vegetable kebab. So we have tried to make a different way to present it as a main meal which can be served with rice, fried rice or paratha.


You can also use the same recipe with beef.  Now the potatoes are optional here. We always like to have potatoes with our meat recipes, it adds an extra flavor to lamb or beef recipes. When meat is cut into small pieces it helps in the cooking process. The spices will get a better chance to get mixed with the meat and the meat will cook faster. I hope this easy lamb recipe dish will give you a new taste and bring a change in your food list.

Bon Appétit!!