Easy Fish Recipes


Easy Fish Recipes!

Try Out These Healthy Fish and Seafood Dishes

Easy Fish recipes for everyone. Fish and Seafood are not everyone’s favorite dishes. They are not only delicious but also some of the healthiest dishes you can find all over the world.

The taste and flavor you get out of your dishes depends on the type of fish and the way you cook fish. Many ways to turn them into succulent dishes, fried, grilled, baked, poached, boiled etc... When we say fish we also mean seafood. You will also find here quick and easy seafood recipes. Fish is one of my favorite dishes. I mostly like them fried or grilled with loads of spices. Huh, you can guess why? I have Indian origins. I usually prefer the fresh water fish more than sea water. What are your preferences? Fish are high in protein, vitamins, oil and minerals. I am sure you know of the famous Cod Liver Oil. I remember having it when I was a kid. Yeah did not like much. Benefits of fish oil are plenty, some of which are healthy skin, strong bones and healthy digestive tracts Over time, you will find a huge collection of fish recipes and seafood recipes to try at home. So don’t forget to bookmark this page if you are passionate about fish and seafood dishes.

Easy Fish Recipes

Smoked Salmon Bites - This easy salmon recipe can be prepared just in 20mn. No cooking required Prawns with Turmeric Spice - It is one of my favorite fish dishes, and the turmeric gives it an authentic flavor Mackerel Fish Cakes - This is a Bengali fish recipe aka Mackerel Kebab Fried Salmon Steaks - With Braised Endives - you will like this fried salmon steak with braised endives White Fish Curry Recipe - This easy curry fish recipe can be made with any white fish such as the haddock, cod, whiting etc… Cod Curry With Onion Sauce  - This cod curry recipe is a perfect dish for wintery nights. Either you like hot spicy curry or mild, it goes well with the cod fish and is also a healthy meal