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  • Beet Salad Recipe

    Beet Salad Recipe  Easy Vegetable Salad Recipes To Try At Home   Here is a quick and easy beet salad recipe. Do you like beets? It is one of my favorite vegetable. Beets can be eaten raw and cooked. It can be taken as a fresh juice drink, as salads and also as a main […]

  • Lettuce Salad Recipes

    Lettuce Salad Recipes Have it as An Appetizer, Main Course or Vegetable Side Dish Here you will find some easy lettuce salad recipes to try at home. Lettuce salad (Lactuca Sativa) is the queen of salads. Lettuce comes in different varieties. There is a saying in French that ”A garden without lettuce salad is like […]

  • Easy Potato Salad Recipe

      Easy Potato Salad Recipe If you are tired and want something quick then try this easy potato salad recipe. It took me very little time to prepare this. Of course, my two daughters (7 and 12) were good helping assistants. While the youngest did the vegetable washing, the eldest helped me in cutting and […]

  • Easy Salad Recipes To Try At Home

    Healthy And Nutritious Easy Salad Recipes Make these easy salad recipes at home and enjoy them as appetizers or even as a full course dinner recipe. Salads have high nutritional values. They provide you with ample amount of vitamins and minerals. Making it a habit of eating salads dishes will help you live a healthy […]