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  • Salmon Darnes In Leek Gravy Sauce

    Our latest Salmon recipe merged with Bengali recipe idea; Salmon darnes in Leek gravy sauce. We love salmon fish and always buy at least 2 big salmons and store them in the freezer so that we can have whenever we want. We had no idea what the taste would like before trying this new recipe. […]

  • Cod Curry With Onion Sauce

     Cod Curry Recipe With Onion Sauce This cod curry recipe is a perfect dish for wintery nights. Either you like hot spicy curry or mild, it goes well with the cod fish and is also a healthy meal As we all know, curry can be very hot and spicy and many of us don’t like […]

  • Fried Salmon Steaks With Braised Endives

    Fried Salmon Steaks With Braised Endives Are you looking for easy fried salmon steaks recipe, then, you will like this salmon steak with braised endives recipe. In 30 minutes you can serve this dish. Now, this is one recipe where you really don’t need to have much cooking skills. All you need is to gather […]

  • White Fish Recipe

    White Fish Recipe With Curry Powder and Yoghurt This white fish recipe is cooked with the curry spice and natural yoghurt. It is very easy to prepare and can be cooked in 15 to 20 minutes. The best part of this curry fish recipe is that it goes with any white fish such as the […]

  • Mackerel Fish Cakes

    Mackerel Fish Cakes An Easy Fish Cake Recipe You have got to try this Mackerel Fish Cakes Recipe!! Yes, I know, whoever thought of making fish cake recipe out of Mackerel. Most fish cakes are made out of white fish such as the Cod or Haddock. But you can make miracles happen when you let […]

  • Prawns With Turmeric Spice

    Prawns with Turmeric Spice An Authentic Flavour To Try Prawns with turmeric spice!! Hmmm! You have to try this recipe. Prawns are delicious. Who does not like to taste them? It is one of my favorite fish dishes. This Prawns with turmeric spice recipe focuses on use of turmeric spice. It is not spicy as […]

  • Easy Fish Recipes

      Easy Fish Recipes! Try Out These Healthy Fish and Seafood Dishes Easy Fish recipes for everyone. Fish and Seafood are not everyone’s favorite dishes. They are not only delicious but also some of the healthiest dishes you can find all over the world. The taste and flavor you get out of your dishes depends […]