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  • Chicken in Jalfrezi Sauce

    Chicken in Jalfrezi Sauce is an authentic flavored Indian chicken curry dish. The recipe here is quite mild and can be prepared for entertaining guests with pilaf rice or Nan bread. Jalfrezi actually means stir-fry. This means that we actually do not add water for cooking. Hence it is known as Jalfrezi.  We actually make […]

  • Oriental Chicken Curry – Bengali Style

    This oriental chicken curry is a fusion dish. It is served with either simple rice or goes very well with fried rice and pilaf. This is one of the oriental recipes easy to cook and is combined with Bengali style cooking and that is why I called a fusion dish.  The ingredients are available everywhere, […]

  • Poppy Seed Chicken Recipe

    Chicken In Poppy Seed Paste Last week we tried a new recipe with poppy seed called Poppy Seed Chicken Recipe. At first, we thought that it will be an unusual flavor but it turned to be an excellent dish with its thick texture for the curry sauce. We had it with rice but this could […]

  • Fried Chicken Wings

    The Bengali Style Fried Chicken Recipe Fried Chicken Wings – the Bengali Style! Why a Bengali recipe because I used a lot of Indian spices for flavoring these chicken wings. I also used some Chinese ingredients. Last week don’t know what got into my head, I suddenly started getting those itchy feelings. This usually happens […]

  • Rosemary Chicken Recipe

    Marinated in Lemon and Grilled in Butterfly Style Rosemary Chicken Recipe is ideal for you, If you like grilled chicken then try this, easy recipe marinated with lemon and rosemary in the form of butterfly and grilled in charcoal. The French term for this recipe is “Poulet en crapaudine au romarin”. Poulet en Crapaudine or […]

  • Tomato Chicken Recipe With Onions

     Tomato Chicken Recipe With Onions Just Perfect For An Easy Dinner   Easy tomato chicken recipes to prepare at home. This is a french recipe which if translated means “Poulet avec Tomates”. The preparation time for this dinner recipe is very short. All you need to do is cut a few onions and tomatoes and […]

  • Easy Chicken Recipes

    Quick and Easy chicken recipes Everyone’s favourite meat dish Enjoy easy chicken recipes with your family and friends, these delicious chicken recipes are perfect for all occasions, try out our indian chicken curry, french roasted chicken breast and many other simple easy dinner recipes. We all know that chicken is one of the easiest, popular […]