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  • Banana Cake Recipe With Hazelnut

    If you like bananas and hazelnut then you will enjoy this banana cake recipe with hazelnut. Some backgrounds on Banana plant Known as the tree of wisdom to the ancient, the banana originated in Asia and has spread throughout the tropical belt that surrounds the earth. The banana tree produces all year round and provides […]

  • Easy Banana Cake Recipe

    Easy Banana Cake Recipe A Perfect Tea-time Snack! Here is an easy banana cake recipe. It takes very little time and effort. It is very easy to prepare and has a sweet banana flavor. Unfortunately, this cake did not stay for long on the table. Everybody was anxious to have at least 2-3 portions of […]

  • Easy Orange Cake Recipe

    Orange Cake Recipe A Perfect Tea-time Snack! This orange cake recipe is the easiest of all. I could say that it is the base of orange cake. It is simple but has a delicious flavour. The combination of almonds and orange makes it special. The orange fragrance that you will get while baking will make […]

  • Easy Cake Recipes Just For Any occasions!

    Easy Cake Recipes Just For Any occasions! Do you love cakes? Are you looking for easy cake recipes? I suppose that I need not ask or else how would you have landed here. Fear not! As we have delicious cake recipes to share with you. Cakes are fabulous dessert recipes that can be made for […]