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  • Salmon Darnes In Leek Gravy Sauce

    Our latest Salmon recipe merged with Bengali recipe idea; Salmon darnes in Leek gravy sauce. We love salmon fish and always buy at least 2 big salmons and store them in the freezer so that we can have whenever we want. We had no idea what the taste would like before trying this new recipe. […]

  • Easy Lamb Recipe With Split Bengal Gram

    This is an easy lamb recipe with split Bengal gram. The Lamb curry is cooked in a pressure cooker. Quite often we cook our meat recipes especially beef and lamb in a pressure cooker. It preserves all the vitamins and flavors and the meat is tender. Pressure cooker cooking is a healthy cooking option. This […]

  • Oriental Chicken Curry – Bengali Style

    This oriental chicken curry is a fusion dish. It is served with either simple rice or goes very well with fried rice and pilaf. This is one of the oriental recipes easy to cook and is combined with Bengali style cooking and that is why I called a fusion dish.  The ingredients are available everywhere, […]

  • Poppy Seed Chicken Recipe

    Chicken In Poppy Seed Paste Last week we tried a new recipe with poppy seed called Poppy Seed Chicken Recipe. At first, we thought that it will be an unusual flavor but it turned to be an excellent dish with its thick texture for the curry sauce. We had it with rice but this could […]

  • Fried Chicken Wings

    The Bengali Style Fried Chicken Recipe Fried Chicken Wings – the Bengali Style! Why a Bengali recipe because I used a lot of Indian spices for flavoring these chicken wings. I also used some Chinese ingredients. Last week don’t know what got into my head, I suddenly started getting those itchy feelings. This usually happens […]

  • Bengali Recipes

    Bengali Recipes Taste our Authentic Bengali Food What are Bengali Recipes ? Yes I am sure you are asking about it ! Everybody knows what indian recipes are as they are famous around the world but a very few know about bengali food. Bengali dishes can be found in India (West Bengal) and mainly in […]