Bengali Recipes

Bengali Recipes

Taste our Authentic Bengali Food

What are Bengali Recipes ? Yes I am sure you are asking about it ! Everybody knows what indian recipes are as they are famous around the world but a very few know about bengali food.

Bengali dishes can be found in India (West Bengal) and mainly in Bangladesh (which was also known as East Bengal until 1947, then East Pakistan until 1971). Since 1971, after getting independance from West Pakistan, we are known as Bangladesh. Bangladesh is very rich in its variety of traditional bengali food. But it is sad that our bengali dishes are unknown to the world. I feel ashamed when I see many of my Bengali friends open restaurants but sadly they name the restaurant as Indian restaurant. No one dares to name it as a Bengali restaurant for the fear of not getting customers. But if we do not promote our culture and tradition then we won’t be able to share with the world. I am lover of Bengali food and I miss my mom’s favorite recipes. Yes living abroad can be a punishment. I miss delicious aloo bhaji (fried potatoes) that mom used to make for breakfast and I loved eating them with rooti (bengali bread) or paratha. And those evening snacks, boot bhaja (fried gram), pakora (vegie fries) and samosa. For the main course, shaag bhaji (fried spinach), bhuna maach (fried fish), pulao, biryani and so on. I would like to dedicate our traditional Bengali recipes here and share with you the real pleasure of eating authentic Bangladeshi cuisine. You will be surprised when you see the recipes that how easy they are to cook and unlike what you see in the restaurant menu, we have a simple life style at home. As anyone even Bangladeshis lead a busy life and we try to make our dishes as simple as possible. Yes I will admit that we do use a lot of spices to flavor our dishes but that is why we call ourselves the chilly eaters. Relax not all our food are spicy and wait till you see those sweet dishes like gazar halwa (sweet carrot dessert) or suzi halwa (semolina dessert)

Bengali Dishes To Try

Fried Chicken Wings - A Bengali Recipe : Fried Chicken Wings – the Bengali Style! Why a Bengali dish because I used a lot of Bengali/Indian spices for flavoring these chicken wings. I also used some Chinese ingredients. Mackerel Fish Cakes : Fish Cakes are known to be made of white fish but here we are going to show you a mackerel fish cakes recipe. This is a Bengali fish recipe aka Mackerel Kebab Poppy Seed Chicken Recipe

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