Month: March 2013

  • Avocado Mousse Recipe

    Avocado Mousse Recipe Easy Cold Appetizer Recipes For Parties Here is a spicy Avocado mousse recipe to try out. This is one of the easy cold appetizer recipes you can make in just about few minutes. The beauty of this recipe is the addition of the bird pepper as an ingredient. If you don’t like […]

  • Beets Nutrition Facts and Cooking Methods

      Beets Nutrition Facts and Cooking Methods Beets are very nutritional and healthy root vegetables. Beetroots juice is a common ingredient for healthy diet recipes. This root vegetable can be eaten raw or as salads, cooked as a vegetable as a side dish to the main course of meal. Have you ever tried eating fresh […]

  • Celeriac Puree Recipe

    Celeriac Puree Recipe A Very Healthy and Easy Appetizer Celeriac puree recipe is easy to make, it is a very healthy and easy appetizer to have it with your family or even share with your friends. In French we call it Mousse de Célery Celery is a biennial vegetable plant which contains vitamin C, potassium, […]

  • White Fish Recipe

    White Fish Recipe With Curry Powder and Yoghurt This white fish recipe is cooked with the curry spice and natural yoghurt. It is very easy to prepare and can be cooked in 15 to 20 minutes. The best part of this curry fish recipe is that it goes with any white fish such as the […]

  • About Pasta

    All About Pasta Pasta Facts and Nutritional Value Some valuable tips to note about pasta. Whether you eat fresh or dry pasta, they have the same nutritional value. They are low in fat and calories and hence will not result in weight gain. It is the sauce and other ingredients that are added to pasta […]

  • Salmon Tagliatelle

     Salmon Tagliatelle Recipe Simple Pasta Recipes Try this salmon tagliatelle recipe made with fresh tagliatelle and cream. For busy people without time, this smoked salmon pasta can be served in around 20 minutes. I hope you will enjoy and like this recipe. It’s a very delicious and healthy recipe. It’s very cheap and it doesn’t […]

  • Vegetable Recipes

    Easy Vegetable Recipes Side Dish and Appetizers, All in One Place Looking for vegetable recipes, we have variety of main course, side dish and vegetable appetizers. Vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet. They are very nutritious and easy to cook and great in taste. Increase your daily consumption of fruits & vegetables […]

  • Easy Pasta Recipes

    Easy Pasta Recipes There is one for each occasion Enjoy easy pasta recipes with your family and friends. There is a pasta recipe for each occasion and can satisfy all types of appetites. They can be served as a main course or a appetizer and can be prepared in short period of time, low on […]