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Prepare easy dinner recipes for the whole family and flatter your friends with chef’s famous recipes!!

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Amina-pngMy name is Amina and an ordinary busy mom. I have 2 daughters and a grumpy husband (fussy about food) 🙂

We both love cooking and love eating delicious and tasty recipes. We have created a passion for cooking and have built a huge collection of fabulous French, Indian, Chinese and Bengali recipes.

Our origins are from Bangladesh but my hubby, Nurul Chowdhury has been living in France since 1989 and I joined him in 1995.

Nurul has always been crazy about cooking and has built this passion since he was 9 with his mom. Living as a bachelor in France confirmed his passion for cooking and he put to work his culinary art. He loves doing French cakes and pastries although he never eats much as he is more of a salty food eater.

I was less of a cooking wife but when we had our first child, I started devoting more time towards cooking. Life started getting busier but our love for delicious food did not cease, we have been testing and trying various recipes and enjoy having with our kids.

Eating outside can be very expensive and not always very healthy. We hardly go out. Why go out when you can prepare similar famous dinner recipes at home. We prefer eating at home rather than going to a restaurant and it saves us a lot of money.

When it comes to having dinner party, we get all excited as we want our friends and relatives to taste our new discoveries. You will find many easy dinner party ideas here. Our biggest party organized was for 60 (for our daughters first birthday).

Honestly, we are no big chef but we love cooking and this passion has lead to a desire to try and taste those famous recipes.

So in summary, here is what you will find at Simple Easy Dinner Recipes:

Easy French Recipes: The French culture and it gastronomic cuisine has always fascinated us. It is very healthy eating and is well known to all.

Easy Indian Recipes: Indian cooking can be very time consuming and complicated but there are tons of easy dinner recipes, appetizers, desserts that you can enjoy at home.

Easy Bengali Recipes: These dinner recipes come straight from our moms and grandma’s secret recipe books. Shhh!! Don’t tell them. 🙂

You will also find nutritional value, conservation and cooking techniques for each ingredient.

Ah! The Good Moments!!

We want to share with you our love and passion for cooking and hence we have created this website. Be sure to bookmark this site as easy dinner recipes, cooking tips and techniques will be added regularly.

As we say in French : Bon appétit!!

I hope to hear some “ooh-la-la!! and “Que c’est bon!!” from you.


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