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My name is Amina and an ordinary busy mom. I have 2 daughters and a grumpy husband (fussy about food) :) We both love cooking and love eating delicious and tasty recipes. We have created a passion for cooking and have built a huge collection of fabulous French, Indian, Chinese and Bengali recipes.

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Asparagus nutrition facts

A tasty spring vegetable, the asparagus is known to be one of the oldest variety of vegetables, believed that its first cultivation started in the Mediterranean regions used as a vegetable and medicinal plant by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. This herbaceous perennial plant belongs to the Asparagaceae family. Also known as Asparagus Officinalis is […]

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Banana Cake Recipe With Hazelnut

If you like bananas and hazelnut then you will enjoy this banana cake recipe with hazelnut. Some backgrounds on Banana plant Known as the tree of wisdom to the ancient, the banana originated in Asia and has spread throughout the tropical belt that surrounds the earth. The banana tree produces all year round and provides […]

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Onion Appetizer – Onion Bhajis

In the Indian and Bengali culture, Onion appetizer (Onion Bhajis) is taken as a tea time snack or when we have guests in the house. It is very common dip recipes. These fritters are also served in Indian restaurants as starters or appetizers. We have variety of different dip recipes that can be seen in […]

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Easy Lamb Recipe With Split Bengal Gram

This is an easy lamb recipe with split Bengal gram. The Lamb curry is cooked in a pressure cooker. Quite often we cook our meat recipes especially beef and lamb in a pressure cooker. It preserves all the vitamins and flavors and the meat is tender. Pressure cooker cooking is a healthy cooking option. This […]

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